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1939. Leeuwarden, Netherlands.
Escher is busy at work. Brilliant hues rush through his cornea as he paints strokes of passion. He is in a trance, half drunk and in a sullen mood on account of his fathers death, an eccentric civil engineer, a dark horse. Streaks of madness gush through his body. All that his father had left him was his steam punked watch, a watch that could possibly help a person time travel, help him transport through Hyperspacial warp. Hence, to save it from prying eyes, Escher hid it behind his freshly completed painting.
Within a few months, Escher had forgotten about the watch behind the painting. The painting, titled 'the Madness' had gone viral, making its way to various international  exhibitions and museums. Finally, it was returned back to the Netherlands National Museum.
The painting, being a piece of meditation for many and getting as much fame and attention as the MonaLisa, was very susceptible to theft. Thus it was kept secured und
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2002. New Years Eve.
Al was a strange kind of guy with not too many friends. To overcome his loneliness, he often drank excessively. Alcohol was his escape from worldly troubles.
His 21 year old girlfriend also had her own hormonal issues. Doctors said that she could not get pregnant because of which she no guy was willing to be with her—but lonely Al.
The two of them partied till midnight. They would go into trance. It was their way of losing themselves to dance.
When the clock struck 1200 hours,they decided to leave the Club. They were not in their senses, suddenly recollecting the past and passionately discussing their woes and worries.
They drove down The Queens Necklace on Marine Drive. The music blared and the yellow bright lights of the queens necklace screamed. The car flitted along the road like a Rattle snake. It moved sideways. Al was terribly drunk. Then the engine screeched and the car toppled over.
10th January 2002
Al finds himself in bed. He is being fed IV Drips.
:iconkabeerk:kabeerk 0 0
Kargil War.
Bombay. 1997.
Anand is the Chief Creative Officer of Lintas Company.  He is in a jolly mood. His girlfriend was a good lady. Probably 23.  He was 27.
He was a voracious reader. He often ordered strange and different stories from flipkart.
Three days later Anand is sitting on his laptop ordering a book from flipkart.  Titled-'untitled'.
Pakistan. 1997
Khurau is hiding under a bench. Bullets rock his lane. Havoc all over.  Indians charge at Muslims with drawn swords.
The book reaches Anands home. He opens it. The pages are empty.  The price tag says 0.00£. He is intrigued.  He throws the book on the table and sleeps.
Khusrau is still hiding. He has been famished for days. He doesn't realise something is keeping track of his life.
The next morning Anand opens the book.     the first page is now filled with text.  He is surprised. He reads it. It speaks of A man named Khusrau in the present day in Pakistan and his suffer
:iconkabeerk:kabeerk 1 150
Bhavansh is a surreal adventure that takes you into the dark and twisted world of the subconscious
This story elucidates Mahatma Gandhi's famous saying--
The only devils in this world are those running around in our own hearts, and that is where all our battles should be fought.
Land of Prithvi. 1997
Cool zephyr blew brushing past the cascading brown hair of the meditating sadhu. He was in deep focus.. His aim--to attain a state of thoughtlessness. As he harnessed his mind, the breeze whispered tranquility into his ears.  He was in a trance and the surroundingsu gave nuances to his state of mind. The surreal sight looked like a Van Gogh artwork.
He had had a tragic life and had taken to trance. He had indulged in cocaine and alcohol. He was struggling to put reins on his galloping mind.
Then his image flickered in the mist. He clenched his teeth, fighting waves of nausea. His eyes twitched. He was struggling...mentally. Negativity, man's greatest enemy, also known as Raak filled h
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closed :iconexynthie:Exynthie 35 24
PLUSH PONY GIVEAWAY: Anypony by my new pattern =]

Hi! Today ismy birthday Sun
And yet today the number of watchers to my account has reached the of 150 - small but beautiful number =] For this reason, I decided to giveavay plushie. 
And also the other day I tried out a new chibi/filly pattern, and sew three of the coolest pony Equestrian Wasteland. 
Well, I will be giving away a 8" inches tall plushie pony by this pattern. 
The winner will receive any pony canon or OC of their choice.
Free shipping included! 

Limited - only single-colored mane and without complex details and accessories. 
Something more - at an additional cost. 
Giveaway ends at midnight EST on June 30 2016.
After the giveaway is done, I will be making the choice
:iconvalmiiki:Valmiiki 152 164
Prize: kabeerk :icontenmomentstill:TenMomentsTill 2 5
ART RAFFLE :33 (closed)
Finally I have reached 100 watchers .w. I am really happy about it >w<
The winners will be chosen on 31.05.16

This is for my watchers only (new are welcome but don't unwatch me after that..please)


Turquoise Bullet - F2U! must be my watcher
Turquoise Bullet - F2U! favourite this journal
Turquoise Bullet - F2U! comment bellow with a word of these (watermelon, eggs, nyan)
How to get more entries? 

Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U!  make a journal or poll to this raffle (+1 for either of them)
Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! tag 3 people (+1 for every 3 tagged)

So here are the prizes that will be given .u.

1. A halfbody an
:iconmizurko:Mizurko 23 70
[WINNERS ANOUNCED] 69 Watcher Raffle!

1'st place


2'nd place


3'rd place
-the previous 3'rd place winner never replied, so I had to reroll this thing haha-

Comment below to claim your prize <3
Ohoho do you think I would just do raffles for normal, round numbers of watchers?
No, shoo.

1'st place:

Fullbody like  and a pixel like 
2'nd place
Halfbody like and a derpy chibi like 
3'rd place
Halfbody likeOR pixel bust like 
:iconloutaku:Loutaku 20 72
CLOSED! May Giveaway! 400 points!
The contest has closed! The winners will be announced shortly!

Tell your friends as well! This will be fun!
It is so much fun to get new friends on Snapchat, thanks for adding me!:)
By the way, I uploaded 2 new deviations!

May 17th was the Norwegian National Day! Congratulations to my Norwegian and Norway-residing watchers!
I hope you had a great celebration!

Since May is such a festive month in Norway, it's time for another giveaway! Yay! :la:
This time, you can join by adding this entry to your favourites /or and by adding me on Snapchat! Dance til ya can't no moe 
La jumping in Points 

<strong align="left">
:iconxenonia:Xenonia 378 261
50 Watcher Giveaway! (CLOSED)
I'm celebrating getting 50 watchers! I will draw for the giveaway on MAY 9, 2016 AT 7:00PM CST. Winners will have one week to respond before I draw someone else. :)
Here's how to enter:
1. Favorite this journal
2. Make your own journal with a link back here, and comment below with a link to your journal.
Note: **You do not have to watch me to enter.** But if you enjoy my work and want to see more, by all means, watch away. :)
1st Place:
A digital drawing, colored and shaded like this:

A cute headshot, colored and shaded like this:

2nd Place:
275 :points: 
Cute headshot, colored and shaded like this:

3rd Place:
125 :points: 
Headshot line art (Like above, but without color or shading)
:iconzombietator:ZombieTator 8 46
PIXEL RAFFLE/+3000 watchers!- CLOSED
Hello sweeties!
I've decided to make raffle instead of kiriban, because I feel like it's a better option?
The winner will receive a pixel similiar to the examples with a small animation or without it (it's winner's choice).
I'll not draw
- 18 +
- mecha
- nudity
- super masculine boys.
Before entering please read all the rules!
Rules :
 only for watchers because this is a big thank you for all your support!(new watchers are always welcome but please only watch me if you like my art)comment including reference/s of your OC, you can include more than one, but I'll only draw one
+ fave this journal
* share this journal for +1 entry
* tag some friends that might be interested in this raffle +1 entry
Ends 7.5.2016( because later I'll not have time to finish the prize) ♥ 
Good luckie!
:iconkioler:kioler 54 142
1500 points giveaway / Ended
Edit MAY 17TH: Only two of the ten winners contacted me. I've transfered the points to them , congrats!
The remaining points will be saved for another giveaway , thank you for participating :)

Edit MAY 16TH: 


27 YoutuberPone 

91  Joy-Kim

38  MoodSkull
92  Nishren
30  ElliiRuno
81  monty-monmon
41  RippedHisHeart
103  Laney916
80  katsumixDlqnhbaby
65  Logan-LeVain
Please tell if i messed up your name/number 
Contact (not via comments please , just note me ) me within 24 hours so i can transfer the points to you. 
Congrats to the winn
:iconvesaspring:vesaspring 88 322
(CLOSED!) May 2,000 points GIVE-AWAY!
And the winners are:
1st place: :iconscarfsaur:
2nd place: :icontiffany-chan123:
Congratulations! :hug:
Thanks everyone for participate of this give away!
 Hello my friends! Heart Here we are again, doing a give away! 

There will be 2 winners in total:
1. 1,000 Points
2. 1,000 Points
Here come the rules! :
Star!1- New  Make a NEW journal featuring this one with the title "2,000 points Give Away by SeviYummy"

Star!2-Put the link of the journal you made featuring this one here on the comments.
:iconseviyummy:SeviYummy 845 2,226
350 point giveaway! (Winners announced!)
CLOSED- Hello everyone! :wave: I realize I haven't really been uploading art lately. So sorry about that! But to make up for that, let me hold a giveaway for the community! :la:
1. Anyone can participate!
2. Fav this journal so you can have a number (If you don't, you won't be included! :()
3. Tell me your favorite pie flavor XP
1st: 100 points :points:
2nd: 100 points :points:
3rd: 100 points :points:
4th: 50 points :points:
Good luck everyone!!
1st: :iconTheSixWarriors:
2nd: :iconkabeerk:
3rd: :iconFrozen-Ice-Tea:
4th: :iconNerdyBiscuits105:
Congratulations to all of the winners
Shameless art promotion

Giveaway ends on May 10th!
:iconramwoc87:RAMWOC87 96 387
Asriel Plushie Giveaway! ((ENDED))
It’s been about half a year since I finished Undertale for the first time and I can honestly say that it changed my life for the better. I picked up drawing and playing the piano again and I feel somewhat more whole as a person. I want to give something back to the fandom and thus I’ll stop ranting and get to the point:
I’m hosting a giveaway for my Asriel Plushie!

Here’s how you enter:
1. Add this journal to your favourites
2. Write a journal that links back to this journal
3. Write a comment on this journal that links to the journal you have written
Note, that you don’t have to be a watcher to enter the raffle. I appreciate every devwatch I get, but I prefer that you watch me because you like my art and plushies, not for the sake of a giveaway :)
The giveaway ends two weeks from now, on Sunday, May 1st, 0:00 CEST. Afterwards, I’ll use to g
:iconhaselwoelfchen:haselwoelfchen 94 100
50 mins left!  See info below.
:excited: :omgomg: :excited: revamp... again. :excited: Revamp  I Did It :squee: Stoked :excited: rvmp Excited :emote excited wave:  
My Mother's Birthday!
First of all - today, April 13th, is my mother's Birthday! :happybounce:
Stop by her gallery and wish her a Happy Birthday! She is so amazing at knitting and crocheting! Take a look!
:iconxenonia:Xenonia 388 202
CLOSED! 2,000 Points Give-Away! MARCH
 Hello my friends! Heart Here we are again, doing a give away!

The winners are: :iconjyki: :iconbluecomet5:  Congrats! :hug:
There will be 2 winners in total:
1. 1,000 Points
2. 1,000 Points
Here come the rules! :
Star!1-Make another journal featuring this one.
Star!2-Put the link of the journal you made featuring this one here on the comments.
Star!3-Watch me.
Star!4-Favorite this journal
NOTE: The rules are NOT optional! You have to do all mentioned above! 
I'll use to pick the winner!
Dead-line is Mar
:iconseviyummy:SeviYummy 339 435
Flying :icontrinitysage:TrinitySage 3 3
5000 Watchers and RAFFLE (CLOSED)


Thank you so much for the support, but please do not post it in here if you are not going to enter. I am giving out numbers and its hard for me to fix peoples entries when there is already over 300+ of you. I cannot go back threw 44 pages just to find yours.

It's here! 5,000 watchers!

Wow! Thank you SO much guys! We cannot believe how much support from you guys we have received, its staggering to think about where we were last year to where we are now. Not only are we celebrating an amazing milestone of 5,000 watchers but we are coming up on our 1 year anniversary and 60,000 page views too! That is incredible! 
On February 20th of 2015 we sat down and decided to learn how to plush. It was hard at first - super har
:iconplushatiersinc:PlushatiersINC 680 1,828


+ Chibi Commissions and Raffle! + OPEN-The raffle information is at the bottom

THE COMMISSIONS INFO-----------------------------------------
Hello friends! I am offering chibi commissions at a price of $12 or 1200 points
Unless your character is intensely complicated in which it may be a couple dollars higher, but that will be rare.
(They will look more like the first two in terms of style)
Things to know
>A small simple background is free! Please let me know if you want one, otherwise I will go by what I believe looks better (with background or without)
>Payment will be before I get started, but I must ok your commission first. When I do, send the money to
>Payment must be through paypal, please cover the service fees
>I will draw most things, if I can't draw it I will tell you
Fill out this form if you're interested
Background (yes/no):
I am offering unlimited slots, but just for me to keep track I

PLUSH PONY GIVEAWAY: Anypony by my new pattern =]CLOSED!

Hi! Today ismy birthday Sun
And yet today the number of watchers to my account has reached the of 150 - small but beautiful number =] For this reason, I decided to giveavay plushie. 
And also the other day I tried out a new chibi/filly pattern, and sew three of the coolest pony Equestrian Wasteland. 
Well, I will be giving away a 8" inches tall plushie pony by this pattern. 
The winner will receive any pony canon or OC of their choice.
Free shipping included! 

Limited - only single-colored mane and without complex details and accessories. 
Something more - at an additional cost. 
Giveaway ends at midnight EST on June 30 2016.
After the giveaway is done, I will be making the choice

[RAFFLE - CLOSED] 2000+ Watchers Art Raffle!!Update: Ok so sorry for the delay! We had internet and personal troubles at home so
it took me longer than expected to give out the numbers! ;7; 
But I finally finished giving out the numbers and randomized a winner just now ♥
Here's the number list in case you want to check your own number(s) 
And The winner is :iconsparklesplz: :iconlittlemay528: :iconsparklesplz:

Congratulations!! ♥♥ 
Thanks for everyone who entered this raffle and everyone who supports me ;///; ♥
I will host more events like this in future!
Update: Ok so the entries are closed now and no one can participate anymore////
I will be adding the last tickets tomorrow since I am very busy irl today;;
Will announce the winner someday within a week
Hello everyone!! I hope you've all been doi

|Winner Announced!| 500 watchers raffle!Finished prize:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The raffle has now finally ended
and I finished giving out all numbers!! <33
I choose the winner with generator!
And the winner is:
:iconSoulfulmoon: :iconSoulfulmoon: :iconSoulfulmoon:
Congratulation!!!!!! o//////o
Thank you everyone who joined and please look forward to the next raffle!!!! <333333
Okie so the raffle is closed now do not comment anymore!
I will trying to giving numbers out fast and choosing winner after! q////q
When I came back from my short trip yesterday I saw that another milestone was hit!! Q//////Q
500+ watchers!
I feel incredible happy and am so thankful to everyone of you!!
When I started this account I hesistated alot to upload my art since I am only a beginner but everyone of you kept supporting and motiva

[Raffle] (Closed) {Selected} $30/2400 Points
Updates [Winner Selected!]
Congrats Merindity!
[Process Gif]
Winner has been selected! Uploading a process of the selection for proof of how the winner was determined.Just in case you did catch what happened with mistake with these duplicated number sets, I figured out a way to make a fair selection from it.I generated another set of valid, 1-250 unique numbers in 50 rows and 5 columns, just as it was on the spreadsheet.I made a randomly generated selection from 1-250I selected where that number would've been in that other column of old numbers with the duplicates. So Merindity, you're the winner, not quite so much with the value of 82, but since the old values didn't count anymore, they were essentially tiles for the 82 to land on at that point...

120 watcher free art GIVEAWAY RAFFLE THING!I was gonna do this at 100 watchers, but I forgot ; 7 ;
so hi everyone, this is a little giveaway raffle thing for some artsy stoofs.
There will only be one winner! And said winner shall recieve....
A custom thigh-up drawing of any character...

A custom chibi of any character!

:bulletblue: be watching me, remivalism ! (new watchers welcomed u v u)
:bulletblue: make a journal or poll linking back to this giveaway to advertise !
:bulletblue: comment here showing me your journal and any extras below !
for extra entries:
:bulletblue: tag 3 people ! (+1)
:bulletblue: advertise my emergency adopts in the journal/poll too : Emergency Flatsale Beebs (4/4) LOWERED PRICE (+1)
:bulletblue: tell me your best joke in ur comment ! (

ART and POINT RAFFLE open to ANYONEAs some of you may know I am running a contest and raffle to commemorate my much loved cat Angus who died a while ago. 

there it is
But I want to share the raffle more because there are very few entries so far 
it is open to anyone not just watchers or contestants 
here are the prizes 
RAFFLE PRIZES, EACH THING WILL BE RAFFLED SEPARATELY meaning one person could win everything or one thing, think of it like a few different raffles that every ticket will be entered in, there is no limit to how many things can be won by one person:
- 500 points 
- 100 points
- a watercolour painting from me edited on PS like this ( DTA entry )
- Watercolour headshot from me edited on PS in the style of this ( DTA entry )
- photos

Open-weekly raffle 1Hi! This is the first weekly raffle on DALottos!
I know I have only just joined da, so to build up the community's trust, I am hosting a very small raffle.
Please know prize money adjusts as more people enter!
Current Prize: 100:points:
Ticket Prices:
1:points: for every additional ticket 
+1 advertising journal entry OR poll
ENDS: 5/24 at 5pm central.
Good luck guys! :)

Celebration!!Hehe I am coming up to 10k views... So that gives me the excuse to have a celebration!!!!
~comment with a journal featuring this raffle
and this adopt fundraiser Fundraising Wolf Batch!-open
You have to be a watcher!!
New watchers are welcome.
~200 points
~(first choice in the pinata prizes (below)
~ sketch commission by me
~watch (if i haven't already)
on the Saturday following when i reach 10k 

Raffle winner announced

(first come first serve)
~10 points X 11
~cake badge (or 50 points) X 3
~Llamas Xunlimited
~Quick sketch requests X 3
opps almost forgot there is a: 
~detailed commission
~ adopt commission too
Question Meme 
Sketches requests
(as many sketches as i can complete in 2hrs)

and check this out-  Fundraising Wolf Batch!-closed by KKSlider7

You have to admit, it's tempting.




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